Raiders Ice Hockey, from National League to Juniors

Following the departure of Ben Pitchley as General Manager of Romford Junior Raiders, we are delighted to announce a positive change in structure where the entire club will now encompass all age groups, from seniors in the National league Raiders through to Under 10.

The Junior system will become known as “Romford Ice Hockey Academy” in line with the player development ethos. The management are excited to see the Raiders National team having a more active involvement whilst bringing the Junior system under the one banner.

The name change will of course include new branding and there will be individual team names for the various age groups to give them their own identity within the club and this will extend to the Division 1 senior team.

It is a great opportunity for a rebirth of the club, and we will be seeking volunteers for new committee members, coaches and managers to share and grow this new era.

This is an ideal opportunity for us to renew the pathway through to the Raiders and bring to the table fresh ideas benefitting both the Raiders and the Academy.